The Main Issues With The DC Universe (Marvel v. DC)

Hey DC and Marvel fans! I want to discuss why the DC Universe is struggling to keep up with Marvel. Personally I enjoy the updated DC Universe and am excited to see what they have for the future but many critics and fans are disappointed with the results. I decided to inspect why there is such a hatred for these films and I think I know the reason.

1. Good v. bad DC films


Before DC was updated to the DC Universe fans were treated to great films such as The Dark Knight Trilogy, RED, and Watchmen. The reason these films did well was because there was no real interruptions with studios and directors were allowed to create as they please. Yes, during the early DC era there was some crap (Batman and Robin, Jonah Hex) but the good films always stood out….until one destroyed it all. Green Freaking Lantern. The Dark Knight Rises was still made after this shit storm but the memory of Green Lantern stood in everybody’s mind. Green Lantern was supposed to be the greatest superhero film of the year and was so amped up that it thought it was going to get a sequel. WRONG! This film ended the early DC era. Filmmakers decided that if a big budget film like Green Lantern was going to bomb than they needed to think of other ways to catch up to movie heavy weight Marvel Studios. Two words….Connected Universe.

2. Man of Steel


This film was loved and hated by many different people. Hated because of two simple reasons…1. Superman should not feel this dark. 2.So many people died by the hands of Superman. The film was a financial success due in part that Christopher Nolan would be producing the film and that fans would be dealing with an updated Superman. I generally enjoyed the film but one thing is for certain, this film felt forced. The director kept hiding Easter eggs for possible upcoming films and the villains were clichéd to the max. Man of Steel felt unnecessary for many fans. This is a problem, especially when the whole connected universe is about to rest on its shoulders. The Batman v. Superman film took the main flaw from Man of Steel and made it the main movie plot. Batman wants to take out Superman because he could murder everyone if he wanted to. You can’t take a critically hated film and whine when the sequel does worse. Sorry.

3. Batman


Batfleck is so cool isn’t he? Why is Batman an issue? Because he is the only one people care about! I’m not saying fans want to see the other characters but the films have made Batman the only cool looking hero. Not only that, he straight up is played by Ben Affleck! Henry or Ben….Ben any day. No offense to Henry but Ben looks and feels like the comic book hero. The issue with Batman v. Superman was that many fans only wanted a Batman film. The scenes with Batman were incredible and fun, but everything else felt unneeded and rushed just so they could set up Justice League. The film was all special effects and noise and the only character people wanted more of was Batman. Wonder Woman’s entrance was cool but still felt rushed. EVERYTHING WAS RUSHED!! (Even for a three-hour film). Did I mention rushed?

4. Rushing


Batman v. Superman continuously reminded fans of what was going to happen in later films without focusing on the film itself. This is the big problem with the Marvel films as well. Marvel has more fleshed out films that later reconnect down the road though. DC wants to just shove it down our throat right off the bat. Suicide Squad is similar but instead of having separate films for each character they just kicked some ass right away. I don’t understand how these studios think they will make more money by just giving us what we want right away. Fans have to be teased down the road until the final moment as they repeatedly pull out their wallets for lesser films. DC feels very greedy and seems as if they just want to get all the money right away without thinking about the big picture.

5. Tone and Feel


The big thing about the Dark Knight Trilogy was that it had to be dark and realistic. This gave viewers an exciting and twisted environment filled with non-stop turns and chaos. The extended universe decided to follow the formula and it just did not stick. Dark and depressing can get real old real quick if always surrounded by it. There are rarely any chuckles in these films and all are to worried about self interests. Justice League and Wonder Woman look as if they might start travelling through the more humorous route but that is a discussion for another day.

One thing is for certain…Greed and dreams don’t go well together. Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!

Trailers for Justice League and Wonder Woman below!



Let’s Talk About The Monsters In “Kong: Skull Island” (Minor Spoilers)

King Kong is one of the greatest monsters in all of cinema lore. He has had his appropriate films and even faced off against Godzilla. Kong may be the prince of monsters but he is never the only big guy in his releases. In past releases Kong has faced off against giant bears, T-Rexes, Godzilla and even a Mech Kong. “Kong: Skull Island” looks like it will be tripling down on monster mayhem, especially because it is on Skull Island. Let’s take a look.

1. Skull Crawlers









Skull Crawlers seem to be the main enemy of Kong in this new monster thriller. In the trailer it explains that these “devils live below them”. This is possible explanation that Kong kicked them out of the land. Possibly the humans bring them back up, not really sure, but one thing is for certain…they don’t look like a fun bunch.

2. Water Buffalo


The water buffalo in this shot from the trailer looks as if it really doesn’t appreciate the humans. I doubt they will be a threat in any way but they sure look cool. This is a knod to “The Son of Kong” in which it shows that King Kong is not the only present day animal monster that dwells on the island.

3. Giant Spiders


What’s one of the number one phobias in the world…Arachnophobia. Monster spiders have always been a fun movie monster and have made many appearances in films such as “Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter”, but now they make an appearance as pissed off forest dwelling creatures. We even get a cool shot of the humans firing their weapons upon a huge eight legger.

4. This Giant Cricket Thing


I can’t tell if this is a dinosaur or a giant bug but it is hella huge. It seems bigger than the spiders which are usually about the same size in real life so there is some confusion to what this giant monster actually is. It barely made a cut in the trailer which may mean it poses no real threat to the humans.

5. Kongs


Yes Kongs with an s. These skulls were obviously the main reason for the name of the island but it makes one think that the Apes went extinct and King Kong is the last remaining Kong. Possibly the Skull Crawlers murdered all but one Kong and lost the battle of the Island.


It seems that there might be many more monsters in this films due to how many were in the second trailer. Fans have to remember that they are on Kong’s home island again and that gives possibility to many huge monsters.

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Kong: Skull Island Trailer


Marvel Comics

Oh how I love comics. You will hear me talk about a lot of entertainment news and film but nothing gets me more excited than Marvel Comics. I have a vast collection of these bad boys and they have never let me down.

I grew up watching the old school Marvel films that were all pretty terrible if we are going to be honest. As a child though, these films inspired me to become greater than I ever was. I started collecting the graphic novels and spent hours upon hours reading them. Some are very family friendly while others shift into the adult region with characters such as Punisher, Wolverine and….Deadpool. Yes. Deadpool. My favorite Marvel creation of all time. The Deadpool comics filled me with such glee and excitement that murder and sexual advances became nothing but jokes for me. (Parents do not allow the children to  read these.) This fourth wall breaking, violent, crazy character shared parts of reality with me that I could never understand.

Over time the Marvel films became a lot cleaner and more rewarding to enjoy. They have such a huge ensemble of films in one universe that it is sometimes hard to follow. They allow the comics to stay in business with nerds such as myself researching and making sure that they stay true to the material. Everyone has their favorite activity and hobby. Mine is watching films, reading comics, and writing. These comics and film inspire many, and that is the main lesson for me. Inspiration. What inspires your day-to-day?

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The One Thing You Need To Hear (Again)

I want to start off by saying that I never expected any of this. Life has led me to believe that there are countless ways to further ones future. This may be true but the only way to accomplish this goal is to have one thing. Money.

I work in an apartment and live at work. You read that correctly. My whole being strives for hours at work but when I arrive home all it is is disappointment. I am not a depressing person, actually I am quite comedic but humans share the same feeling every time they arrive home…disappointment. Why? Is it because of money? No! We need money to further our lives but this is not the reason we are disappointed. We are disappointed because most of us have never became the dream that we have fought to live for. We sit on our couch drinking beer and watching TV, always hoping for more and more and more. The years that Earth has been through set in motion a life that we have no control over. We have to play by the roles our society sets just because that is the law of the world.

My posts will stray off from deep to comedic, to just pure entertainment. Even though this post may be to deep for the simple mind, I want you to know….you can do whatever you put your mind to. Be the dream you created as a child. Become…legend

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