The One Thing You Need To Hear (Again)

I want to start off by saying that I never expected any of this. Life has led me to believe that there are countless ways to further ones future. This may be true but the only way to accomplish this goal is to have one thing. Money.

I work in an apartment and live at work. You read that correctly. My whole being strives for hours at work but when I arrive home all it is is disappointment. I am not a depressing person, actually I am quite comedic but humans share the same feeling every time they arrive home…disappointment. Why? Is it because of money? No! We need money to further our lives but this is not the reason we are disappointed. We are disappointed because most of us have never became the dream that we have fought to live for. We sit on our couch drinking beer and watching TV, always hoping for more and more and more. The years that Earth has been through set in motion a life that we have no control over. We have to play by the roles our society sets just because that is the law of the world.

My posts will stray off from deep to comedic, to just pure entertainment. Even though this post may be to deep for the simple mind, I want you to know….you can do whatever you put your mind to. Be the dream you created as a child. Become…legend

Thanks for reading and follow for more, (maybe less) dramatic pieces.




One thought on “The One Thing You Need To Hear (Again)”

  1. You are becoming a legend by believing who you were created to be! You are very talented, I love to read your writing. Keep following your dreams and using your gifts!


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