Marvel Comics

Oh how I love comics. You will hear me talk about a lot of entertainment news and film but nothing gets me more excited than Marvel Comics. I have a vast collection of these bad boys and they have never let me down.

I grew up watching the old school Marvel films that were all pretty terrible if we are going to be honest. As a child though, these films inspired me to become greater than I ever was. I started collecting the graphic novels and spent hours upon hours reading them. Some are very family friendly while others shift into the adult region with characters such as Punisher, Wolverine and….Deadpool. Yes. Deadpool. My favorite Marvel creation of all time. The Deadpool comics filled me with such glee and excitement that murder and sexual advances became nothing but jokes for me. (Parents do not allow the children to  read these.) This fourth wall breaking, violent, crazy character shared parts of reality with me that I could never understand.

Over time the Marvel films became a lot cleaner and more rewarding to enjoy. They have such a huge ensemble of films in one universe that it is sometimes hard to follow. They allow the comics to stay in business with nerds such as myself researching and making sure that they stay true to the material. Everyone has their favorite activity and hobby. Mine is watching films, reading comics, and writing. These comics and film inspire many, and that is the main lesson for me. Inspiration. What inspires your day-to-day?

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