Let’s Talk About The Monsters In “Kong: Skull Island” (Minor Spoilers)

King Kong is one of the greatest monsters in all of cinema lore. He has had his appropriate films and even faced off against Godzilla. Kong may be the prince of monsters but he is never the only big guy in his releases. In past releases Kong has faced off against giant bears, T-Rexes, Godzilla and even a Mech Kong. “Kong: Skull Island” looks like it will be tripling down on monster mayhem, especially because it is on Skull Island. Let’s take a look.

1. Skull Crawlers









Skull Crawlers seem to be the main enemy of Kong in this new monster thriller. In the trailer it explains that these “devils live below them”. This is possible explanation that Kong kicked them out of the land. Possibly the humans bring them back up, not really sure, but one thing is for certain…they don’t look like a fun bunch.

2. Water Buffalo


The water buffalo in this shot from the trailer looks as if it really doesn’t appreciate the humans. I doubt they will be a threat in any way but they sure look cool. This is a knod to “The Son of Kong” in which it shows that King Kong is not the only present day animal monster that dwells on the island.

3. Giant Spiders


What’s one of the number one phobias in the world…Arachnophobia. Monster spiders have always been a fun movie monster and have made many appearances in films such as “Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter”, but now they make an appearance as pissed off forest dwelling creatures. We even get a cool shot of the humans firing their weapons upon a huge eight legger.

4. This Giant Cricket Thing


I can’t tell if this is a dinosaur or a giant bug but it is hella huge. It seems bigger than the spiders which are usually about the same size in real life so there is some confusion to what this giant monster actually is. It barely made a cut in the trailer which may mean it poses no real threat to the humans.

5. Kongs


Yes Kongs with an s. These skulls were obviously the main reason for the name of the island but it makes one think that the Apes went extinct and King Kong is the last remaining Kong. Possibly the Skull Crawlers murdered all but one Kong and lost the battle of the Island.


It seems that there might be many more monsters in this films due to how many were in the second trailer. Fans have to remember that they are on Kong’s home island again and that gives possibility to many huge monsters.

Thanks for reading and follow for more content! Trailer for “Kong: Skull Island” below!

Kong: Skull Island Trailer



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