Amazing Actors That You Always Forget Are Great Directors As Well

Hundreds of films are made every year and there are always a few directors that stand out to the crowd. Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan and James Cameron are just a few. Some actors try to create masterpieces and be forgotten shortly after. Let’s bring these great (always forgotten) directors back to the light.

1. Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck is known for many movie roles but many don’t know that he directs some of the films he is in. He hasn’t directed a low score film yet and is scheduled to direct the upcoming Batman film. His two greatest critical directorial successes included “Argo” and “The Town”.

2. Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson has an incredible line up of films that he has acted in. He has obviously had his low points in his life but he has shown that he can bounce back in the directorial department with his newest success of “Hacksaw Ridge”. Other successful directorial films include  “Apocalypto” and “Braveheart”.

3. Clint Eastwood


Clint Eastwood is known for being a bad-ass in pretty much every film he has appeared in. His skills don’t stop with the acting and has produced some of the grimiest yet great films in recent years. His most popular directed films include “American Sniper”, “Gran Torino” and “Million Dollar Baby”.

4. Ben Stiller


Ben Stiller has been in some pretty funny films and has always been a familiar face in comedy. He has some director talent as well and is responsible for creating hits such as “Walter Mitty”, “Tropic Thunder”, and “Zoolander”. He may have some critical backlash but none of that matter while fans take the reins.

5. Kevin Costner


Kevin Costner was presented to us in great films where he was portrayed as the undeniable hero. He hasn’t gone anywhere and has produced some great films with his acting career. Many people don’t know that he was actually the successful director of “Dances With Wolves” and “Open Range”.

6. Robert Redford


Robert Redford is known for many cinematic ventures and has created and directed a few hits and misses. Nonetheless his films have always been captivating and interesting to a fault. His greatest successes included “A River Runs Through It”, “Ordinary People”, and “Quiz Show”.

Which other actors are great directors? Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!


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