Here Are All The 2017 Movie Monsters That We Know Of

We all love us some monster movies and 2017 looks ready to roll with the large and scary. Here are the upcoming movie monsters you should be on the look out for.



Get ready again for your favorite demonic entity. Pennywise the clown is coming back in the 2017 “IT” and is ready to haunt your dreams forever. “Aren’t you going to say hello?”



Alien is back in Alien: Covenant. We saw how these jerks came into existence as they ate through space explorers and have a galactic war with the predators. Now they are back and more frightening than ever.



A war is coming and these evolved super apes are down to take what is rightfully theirs. These apes can talk, handle fire power and can even ride horse back. No time to mess around now.

The Creeper


This winged monster has surpassed expectations and still finds the hunger for human flesh. Be warned and terrified as he steps into the screens of Jeepers Creepers 3.



One of the good monsters to ever make a monster list. Monster takes his troubled friend for an adventure of courage in the upcoming film A Monster Calls.

Kong and gang


The second ape to make this list; Kong and the other monsters of Skull Island are prepared to destroy anything that enters their home. Including puny little humans.

Ancient Princess


After being awaken by explorers, the ancient princess takes her wrath to a new level of distorted violence. Be prepared to witness the monsters she can send to destroy the intruders.

Ghost Pirates


Pirates of the Caribbean cannot be complete without the introduction of monsters. These ghost pirates are here to stay in the upcoming Dead Men Tell No Tales. Captain Jack has his work cut out for him this time.

Optimus Prime and friends


The only way to save Optimus’ home planet is an artifact left on Earth. He doesn’t care anymore about the protection all he wants is his life back. Destruction and explosions are ready in The Last Knight.



We have seen the cartoon and we know that the Beast is tormented with the spell. The only way to be turned to normal is by true love. Who can turn this monster back into man.

What monster are you excited for? Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!



Quiz! Can You Guess The Characters And Movies These Famous Quotes Belong To?

1. “Nobody puts baby in a corner”

  • Bodhi- Point Break
  • Sam Wheat- Ghost
  • Johnny Castle- Dirty Dancing
  • Darrel Curtis- The Outsiders

2. “Oh, no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was beauty that killed the beast”

  • Carl Denham- King Kong
  • Carl Denham- Son of Kong
  • Max O’Hara- Mighty Joe Young
  • Mrs. Potts- Beauty and the Beast

3. “Go ahead, make my day”

  • William Munny- Unforgiven
  • Harry Callahan- Dirty Harry
  • The man with no name- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Harry Callahan- Sudden Impact

4. “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”

  • Don Vito Corleone- The Godfather
  • Michael Corleone- The Godfather, Part 2
  • Vincent Mancini- The Godfather, Part 3
  • Gin- Tokyo Godfathers

5. “I’ll have what she’s having”

  • Gruba- To Be or Not to Be
  • Mrs. Goldblatt- Hot to Trot
  • Elevator tourist- The Man with Two Brains
  • Old woman- When Harry Met Sally

6. “You do not fear death. You think this makes you strong. It makes you weak”

  • Jack Sparrow- Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Blind prisoner- The Dark Knight Rises
  • Ricky- The Trailer Park Boys Movie
  • Construction worker- The Lego Movie

7. “A martini. Shaken, not stirred”

  • James Bond- GoldenEye
  • James Bond- The Spy Who Loved Me
  • James Bond- Goldfinger
  • James Bond- Live and Let Die

8. “Badges? We ain’t got no badges! We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!”

  • Ramon- The Big Country
  • Gold Hat- The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
  • Rick Blaine- Casablanca
  • Sam Spade- The Maltese Falcon

9. “Hold on to your butts”

  • Ray Arnold- Jurassic Park
  • Cat in the Hat- The Cat in the Hat
  • Van Wilder- Van Wilder
  • Deadpool- Deadpool

10. “I’m the king of the world!”

  • Jack Dawson- Titanic
  • Jack Dawson- Titanic
  • Jack Dawson- Titanic
  • Jack Dawson- Titanic



  1. Johnny Castle- Dirty Dancing
  2. Carl Denham- King Kong
  3. Henry Callahan- Sudden Impact
  4. Don Vito Corleone- The Godfather
  5. Old woman- When Harry Met Sally
  6. Blind prisoner- The Dark Knight Rises
  7. James Bond- Goldfinger
  8. Gold Hat- The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
  9. Ray Arnold- Jurassic Park
  10. Jack Dawson- Wolf of Wall Street

How well did you do? Are you a movie genius or did you cheat? Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!

5 Comic Strips We Would Love To See On The Big Screen

Audiences get that gift of pure joy when their favorite Sunday comic adaption gets released. We were treated to the likes of Peanuts, Garfield, and Dennis the Menace…but what about the other greats? Here are the top 5  comic strips we would love to see on the big screen.

5. Zits


Zits is a fun panel about the wishes and dreams of teenager Jeremy becoming a rock star. His parents and life are pretty boring but he makes the most of it. This would be a wonderful film for teenagers wanting more in life than a boring old job and stressful life. Full of humor and the meaning of family.

4. Spy vs Spy


Not your traditional Sunday panel, this duo of pure violence was featured with the MAD magazine. These two spies will stop at nothing to defeat each other with their dangerous and wild tricks. The adaption would be filled with fun special effects including hilarious slapstick and plenty of fun for the mischeavious in the family.

3. Pearls Before Swine


You look at that picture and tell me you don’t want to see that. These five animals and their hijinks are enough to make anyone laugh like a five year-old. Made to show how the world really is like through different personalities, this adaption would be a great step for comic book movies.

2. The Far Side


These are some of the funniest comics to ever be drawn. Hilarious characters from humans to dinosaurs fill the pages of The Far Side. A film adaption of The Far Side could take many short stories and combine them into one universe making for an awesome trip of hilarity.

1. Calvin and Hobbes


Calvin and Hobbes is one of the most popular comic strips in the world. Not only does this comic bring amazing comedy it also teaches life lessons, the strength of family, and most of all the importance of a best friend. My favorite comic strip of all time needs to be made. Let’s hear it for the lovable Calvin and Hobbes

What other comic strips should be made into movies? Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!


Video Game Movies: Why Even Try?

We live in a world full of non-stop entertainment and next-gen video game software. The video game industry gives the film industry a run for its money. Producers and directors take note of the huge success of gaming and decide to make video game movies in order to gain a quick buck. This is usually translated into a crap fest of two hours.

I’ve realized that these films aren’t made for movie bliss but purely fan service and that good old green. There have been several “ok” video game adaptions but usually the result is a big mess. The negative aspects of a video game movie adaption is story, characters and climax. Nothing ever truly feels entertaining and much of the film is loud noises and terrible fight sequences. So why do people giver up their hard-earned cash for bad movies? Hope and those bad ass special effects.


Every video game fan has hope that one day that perfect adaption will be made. Warcraft (2016) and Assassin’s Creed (2016) were both a result of the hope factor. These two were set out to look like a new step in the video game franchise but the result was all to familiar. Sure hardcore fans will appreciate films like these but entertainment industries know all to well to pander to all audiences. Some almost too much. With Super Mario Bros. (1993) and the Resident Evil series (2002-2017) the directors took out much fan service and stuffed it with “original” ideas that over compensated the film.

Special Effects:

This is the golden key to every video game, comic, board game adaption. Fans love them some hardcore beautiful CGI and most adaptions deliver rather well. Warcraft (2016) took CGI to a whole new level of awesome. Most scenes looked real as actors took a back seat to visuals. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) proved that there can be some good visual storytelling with actors and plot.

Although most video game adaptions are pretty terrible all fans get excited for the next film anyway. I do as well and the film industries know this and capitalize at any given moment. It’s like a spam message in your email that looks too promising.

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Will Cars 3 Breathe Life Back Into The Franchise?

Pixar is the milestone for perfect animation. They are the gods of CG film and never make a mistake….except for Cars 2. Cars had its negative aspects but was still a pretty solid and beautifully animated film. The sequel was a bizarre choice and refused to gain praise from critics and fans alike. We were all surprised to hear that Pixar was releasing the third cars due to the failure of the last film. Will it breathe life back into the Cars saga, or will it be another dud?

Breakdown Cars 3 trailers:

Trailer 1:

Summary: The trailer looks like a more dramatic attempt to bring fans back to the franchise. We hear fans cheering with the roar of race engines zipping past the screen. A new looking race car is pushing its way to first. It than shows Lightning McQueen attempting to stay ahead but then spiraling out of control. While in the air, we hear slow breathing from McQueen and the caption reads “From this moment everything will change.”

Breakdown: This trailer gives many people new hope in the Cars franchise. We get a much more dramatic trailer than expected and peaks curiosity. There seems like a new advanced racecar is also in the race. The trouble with this trailer is that it shows absolutely nothing. This is a problem because many studios will try to cover a bad movie with an awesome looking, short trailer. This may not be the case but considering its last disappointment it could very well be.

Trailer 2:

Summary: Pixar releases its second trailer with exciting visuals on new characters. This second trailer also shows no storyline but includes two new characters. We get glamour shots of Jackson Storm who seems to be the antagonist of the film. In the first trailer Jackson Storm is seen pushing through the race. The second intro character is that of Cruz Ramirez. The glamour shots of Cruz show Rusteze Racing Team stickers, same that belong to Lightning McQueen. The trailer ends with glamour shots of Lightning McQueen.

Breakdown: This trailer introduces the amazing visuals that Pixar can provide. Problem is that trailer still shows no story. We have two new characters with no setup.

Trailer 3:

Summary: The beginning of the trailer is just the first trailer released. About a minute more of explanation is added. This is cool because it shows us that Jackson Storm from the second trailer is actually an advanced racecar that is putting older models into retirement (Lightning McQueen). Lightning doesn’t seem to like this idea too much and get’s help from Cruz; also from the second trailer. Audio of trailer sounds as if children and fans are screaming Lightning’s name as he stares at the 95 statue.

Breakdown: The idea to release this trailer with the first one was really cool. It explained quite a bit without showing barely a thing. This film looks more like the original cars and sticking with the main good morals and themes. Pixar still seems to try to give fans hope by showing their recent accomplishments on the trailer itself. The director will be Brian Fee who hasn’t directed any major film yet. This means we may be able to get new ideas with a new direction.

Will it be good?

I have a feeling that Cars 3 was a gamble for Pixar. If they mess this film up fans will not look at the legends of animation the same anymore. I feel that Pixar really worked hard on this film and is trying to show fans that this is the Cars that everyone wants to see. It’s smart to show little info on the film due to the last negative score.

Do you think Cars 3 is worthy?

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The Appropriate Way To Enjoy The Theatre (Undercover Viewer)

Yes the movies can be costly if you just want to enjoy a night out with friends. There are secret ways to enjoy the film without spending much more than your ticket. Here are my tips on how to enjoy the film while undercover.

1st Step: Big coats

  • Find a coat with the most pockets.

Once found you are ready for step 2.

2nd Step: WalMart

Walmart (or nearest store) is the key ingredient to a financial movie experience.

  • Theatre Candy: 5-5.50 dollars    Walmart: 98 cents
  • Theatre Water: 3.50 dollars  Walmart: 2 dollars
  • Theatre Pretzel: 4 dollars  Walmart: 1 dollar
  • Theatre Nachos: 4 dollars  Walmart: 1 dollar

Take acquired items and stuff them into coat. Once completed you are ready for step 3.

3rd Step: Find friends

You know you will not have fun at the movies without a friend.

  • Find a friend who enjoys film
  • Take their phone and snap it in half
  • No distractions

Once completed you are ready for step 4.

4th Step: Drive to the theatre

This is essential if you want to see a movie.

  • Jam to an amazing song
  • Make sure NOT to look up a film before driving in order to choose one at random once arrived
  • If an hour early for all films, wait in the car and chat with your buds OR wait in lobby and flirt with theatre workers
  • Make sure to be secretive of the stash of food in your big coat

Once completed you are ready for step 5.

5th Step: Buy the ticket and sit down


  • Make sure to sit as close to friends as possible. Make it air tight
  • Participate in movie quizzes
  • Say “I want to see that” during every commercial
  • Shut up when lights dim

Once completed you are ready for step 6.

6th Step: Enjoy film

  • Only talk when necessary
  • Eat all candy and snacks before the climax of the film
  • If movie sucks….make fun of it
  • If movie rocks….be amazed

Once completed you are ready for step 7.

7th Step: Movie hop

  • Just kidding don’t do that
  • Go home and talk about it with your friends
  • make cool sounds with your mouth and wave your hands in the air
  • Have dreams of it (preferred)
  • Wake up

That’s the 7 ways to enjoy a film! You have completed the course! Here is your certificate! 


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Comic Book Characters That Would Be Terrifying In Real Life

In the pages of comic books we notice that mutants or distorted beings become something awesome and legendary. Wolverine from the X-Men or Hellboy from the Dark Horse series are mutants that  we can come to appreciate. This list will examine the oddest characters that would never be accepted into our society due to the appearance, powers, and over all danger they possess. Some of these characters may not exactly be “normal” but have been altered in a mutated form. (Warning: some violent content)

10. TMNT


These are the original TMNT brothers that came straight from the comics. You might be thinking “yes they are ugly but not frightening” but you couldn’t be more wrong. In the cartoons and films they are portrayed as a more lovable team that makes sure the day is always saved. In the comics however, the TMNT are ruthless. They have no issue murdering the villain and they always have some foul-mouthed expressions. You wouldn’t want to get on their naughty list. Slice and dice!

9. Killer Croc


DC’s most lovable snuggable character is Killer Croc. Just kidding. This half human, half crocodile was forced to live in the sewers because people couldn’t handle his terrifying figure and undeniable force. Over time Croc became angry at society and slowly morphed into a cannibalistic terror machine. He may not have the brains to outsmart Batman, but he definitely has the brawn.

8. Venom/Carnage


These two symbiotic beings aren’t from this world and feed on pure hate. They find an appropriate host and morph them into a non-stop killing machine. Venom is the weaker of the two but still has proven a greater threat than most. Carnage is straight evil and is a powerhouse of…well carnage. If you ever witness the combination of venom and carnage than you can kiss your ass goodbye my friend.

7. Abomination


This guy is a bigger threat than the Hulk himself. He was given more radiation than Bruce Banner and became three times stronger than Bruce’s ultimate from. He heals quickly and doesn’t care about what is in his way. He is always filled with anger and hate and never changes his motives. Kill, kill, kill.

6. Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing - Comic Wallpaper 01.jpg

Swamp Thing likes his privacy and homestead so do not go wandering into his corners. His whole motivation for living is to protect his home. He lives with the plants and can communicate with his surrounding. Never travel to a swamp without protection because you will be exterminated before you even know it.

5. Gorilla Grodd


This gorilla king used to be an ordinary gorilla until an alien species turned the gorilla colony into intelligent beings. The gorillas took control of the jungle and Grodd became king. Grodd had developed telekinesis and super strength. The only thing that can stop this force of nature is speed and luck.

4. Violator


Spawns greatest threat comes in two forms; the terrifying Violator clown or its ultimate form of pure evil. Violator is the eldest of five born demons and leads hellspawns to become strong enough to fight in Satan’s army. He is the strongest and most willing to take down any form of good.

3. The Splinterfolk


These extreme animal activists took the animals they were trying to protect and tried to mutate them to their own beings. They became even more insane and decided to try to destroy the “evil” humans. These are protesters you would not want to argue with.

2. Doomsday


This monster is the result of mutation over years and years. The tortured soul became so angry and evil that it became the unstoppable force for Superman. Yes, Doomsday killed Superman. He is born from prehistoric times and is now back to destroy the world, hence his name.

1. Thanos


I would not want to be in that position. Thanos has the highest kill count of any comic book character killing more than half of the universe at free will. He gleefully takes over galaxies and is rightfully king. This is one super human being that you don’t want to interrogate.

What other characters would be terrifying in real life? Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!

How To Make A Pixar Movie (Without The Equipment)

Pixar has taken over the world with its beautiful animation and thought-provoking elements of story telling. Over the years I studied and reviewed these aspects and thought about the key formulas into making a successful Pixar film. Here they are, enjoy.

1. Main character with inside struggles that has to overcome difficulties with friendship.

Among all things Pixar is trying to teach, friendship seems the most important. In Every Pixar film we see a struggling protagonist that can’t succeed the mission without a pal or a group of sidekicks. In “The Good Dinosaur” Arlo loses his way from home and the only way to emotionally keep him stable throughout his journey is finding a friend in the form of the human named Spot. In “Cars” Lightning McQueen is a jerk race car that finds his humility throughout the humble friends in Radiator Springs.

2. Have characters get lost in a strange place.

This is a key setting piece for these films. Characters that get lost make for an exciting adventure which is obvious when WALL-E the trash cleaning robot gets taken to space inside an environment he is isn’t used to. The Incredibles also got stranded on a remote island and have to figure out a way to destroy Syndrome’s attack on the city. Losing ones way is a gateway for excitement.

3. Hide in really thought-provoking themes.

Children and adults love Pixar films about the same amount due to the amount of fan service for both. The studio makes sure to follow-up on different themes so that the film has a real emotional impact. In “Up” we see Carl lose his child and later his wife before he could take her on an adventure to South America. Realizing that she is still with him in heart, he takes the house to his childhood dreams. Even though life can be hard, people have to realize that they can still make dreams come true. In “Toy Story” Woody believes he isn’t the favorite toy anymore and tries to get rid of Buzz. We all want to be the best, but we must know to be humble and accept we are still amazing.

4. Make sure it’s a connected universe.

There are no examples needed for this one. Pixar has made sure to let their fans know that all of their films co-exist in the same universe making for a lot of blown minds and exciting future Easter eggs. The cars and toys rose above the humans and WALL-E is the world’s new robot Jesus. (Just a conspiracy)

5. One scene to make sure everyone cries their eyes out.

These films are the ones you go to when you just bought a bucket of ice cream for no apparent reason than to sob. Pixar has taken emotions right out of every living soul and brought them to the weakest point. Audiences cried when they realized the missing happiness of being a child from “Toy Story 3” and “Inside Out”. Everyone also cried when they realized that Dory’s parents made trails everyday just so that she could find her way back home. WHAAAAAAA!….sorry..

6. One really mean jerk hole.

No one realizes it but Pixar has a knack for making some really annoying, mean villains. In “Monsters Inc.” Randal the monster lizard, wants to take over the company by stealing screams from stolen children. He legit fights Sully and Mike and won’t let up even a little. No remorse. Nothing is worse than the chicken man from “Toy Story 2” though. Screw that guy.

These are the top 6 formula aspects into making a Pixar film! Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!




Upcoming 2017 Films For The Nerds At Heart

Before we examine 2017’s film list let’s talk about the recent disappointments.  Here lies  Rotten Tomatoes reviews for December and the first week of the 2017 anticipated film roster.

  1. Collateral Beauty- RT 12%
  2. Office Christmas Party- RT 41%
  3. Why Him?- RT 40%
  4. Assassin’s Creed- RT 17%
  5. Live By Night- RT 33%
  6. Underworld: Blood Wars- RT 19%
  7. Passengers- RT 31%

That’s a whole lot of rotten for a new year but we still have hope for these upcoming exciting films ranked least anticipated to most.

  1. Despicable Me 3- June 30
  2. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword- March 24
  3. Dunkirk- July 21
  4. Ghost in the Shell- March 31
  5. The Lego Batman Movie- February 10
  6. Super Troopers 2- 2017 (No month)
  7. Cars 3- June 16
  8. XXX: Return of Xander Cage- January 20
  9. Transformers: The Last Knight- June 23
  10. Power Rangers: March 23
  11. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales- May 26
  12. IT- September 8
  13. Beauty and the Beast- March 17
  14.  The Mummy- June 9
  15. Wonder Woman- June 2
  16. Alien: Covenant- May 19
  17. Spider-Man: Homecoming- July 7
  18. Kong: Skull Island- March 10
  19. Logan- March 3
  20. Thor: Ragnarok- July 28
  21. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2- May 5
  22. Justice League- November 17
  23. Star Wars: Episode VIII- December 15

While there are many more films coming out in 2017, these are the most waited for. 2017 may just be the year of cinema. Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!