Comic Book Characters That Would Be Terrifying In Real Life

In the pages of comic books we notice that mutants or distorted beings become something awesome and legendary. Wolverine from the X-Men or Hellboy from the Dark Horse series are mutants that  we can come to appreciate. This list will examine the oddest characters that would never be accepted into our society due to the appearance, powers, and over all danger they possess. Some of these characters may not exactly be “normal” but have been altered in a mutated form. (Warning: some violent content)

10. TMNT


These are the original TMNT brothers that came straight from the comics. You might be thinking “yes they are ugly but not frightening” but you couldn’t be more wrong. In the cartoons and films they are portrayed as a more lovable team that makes sure the day is always saved. In the comics however, the TMNT are ruthless. They have no issue murdering the villain and they always have some foul-mouthed expressions. You wouldn’t want to get on their naughty list. Slice and dice!

9. Killer Croc


DC’s most lovable snuggable character is Killer Croc. Just kidding. This half human, half crocodile was forced to live in the sewers because people couldn’t handle his terrifying figure and undeniable force. Over time Croc became angry at society and slowly morphed into a cannibalistic terror machine. He may not have the brains to outsmart Batman, but he definitely has the brawn.

8. Venom/Carnage


These two symbiotic beings aren’t from this world and feed on pure hate. They find an appropriate host and morph them into a non-stop killing machine. Venom is the weaker of the two but still has proven a greater threat than most. Carnage is straight evil and is a powerhouse of…well carnage. If you ever witness the combination of venom and carnage than you can kiss your ass goodbye my friend.

7. Abomination


This guy is a bigger threat than the Hulk himself. He was given more radiation than Bruce Banner and became three times stronger than Bruce’s ultimate from. He heals quickly and doesn’t care about what is in his way. He is always filled with anger and hate and never changes his motives. Kill, kill, kill.

6. Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing - Comic Wallpaper 01.jpg

Swamp Thing likes his privacy and homestead so do not go wandering into his corners. His whole motivation for living is to protect his home. He lives with the plants and can communicate with his surrounding. Never travel to a swamp without protection because you will be exterminated before you even know it.

5. Gorilla Grodd


This gorilla king used to be an ordinary gorilla until an alien species turned the gorilla colony into intelligent beings. The gorillas took control of the jungle and Grodd became king. Grodd had developed telekinesis and super strength. The only thing that can stop this force of nature is speed and luck.

4. Violator


Spawns greatest threat comes in two forms; the terrifying Violator clown or its ultimate form of pure evil. Violator is the eldest of five born demons and leads hellspawns to become strong enough to fight in Satan’s army. He is the strongest and most willing to take down any form of good.

3. The Splinterfolk


These extreme animal activists took the animals they were trying to protect and tried to mutate them to their own beings. They became even more insane and decided to try to destroy the “evil” humans. These are protesters you would not want to argue with.

2. Doomsday


This monster is the result of mutation over years and years. The tortured soul became so angry and evil that it became the unstoppable force for Superman. Yes, Doomsday killed Superman. He is born from prehistoric times and is now back to destroy the world, hence his name.

1. Thanos


I would not want to be in that position. Thanos has the highest kill count of any comic book character killing more than half of the universe at free will. He gleefully takes over galaxies and is rightfully king. This is one super human being that you don’t want to interrogate.

What other characters would be terrifying in real life? Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!


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