The Appropriate Way To Enjoy The Theatre (Undercover Viewer)

Yes the movies can be costly if you just want to enjoy a night out with friends. There are secret ways to enjoy the film without spending much more than your ticket. Here are my tips on how to enjoy the film while undercover.

1st Step: Big coats

  • Find a coat with the most pockets.

Once found you are ready for step 2.

2nd Step: WalMart

Walmart (or nearest store) is the key ingredient to a financial movie experience.

  • Theatre Candy: 5-5.50 dollars    Walmart: 98 cents
  • Theatre Water: 3.50 dollars  Walmart: 2 dollars
  • Theatre Pretzel: 4 dollars  Walmart: 1 dollar
  • Theatre Nachos: 4 dollars  Walmart: 1 dollar

Take acquired items and stuff them into coat. Once completed you are ready for step 3.

3rd Step: Find friends

You know you will not have fun at the movies without a friend.

  • Find a friend who enjoys film
  • Take their phone and snap it in half
  • No distractions

Once completed you are ready for step 4.

4th Step: Drive to the theatre

This is essential if you want to see a movie.

  • Jam to an amazing song
  • Make sure NOT to look up a film before driving in order to choose one at random once arrived
  • If an hour early for all films, wait in the car and chat with your buds OR wait in lobby and flirt with theatre workers
  • Make sure to be secretive of the stash of food in your big coat

Once completed you are ready for step 5.

5th Step: Buy the ticket and sit down


  • Make sure to sit as close to friends as possible. Make it air tight
  • Participate in movie quizzes
  • Say “I want to see that” during every commercial
  • Shut up when lights dim

Once completed you are ready for step 6.

6th Step: Enjoy film

  • Only talk when necessary
  • Eat all candy and snacks before the climax of the film
  • If movie sucks….make fun of it
  • If movie rocks….be amazed

Once completed you are ready for step 7.

7th Step: Movie hop

  • Just kidding don’t do that
  • Go home and talk about it with your friends
  • make cool sounds with your mouth and wave your hands in the air
  • Have dreams of it (preferred)
  • Wake up

That’s the 7 ways to enjoy a film! You have completed the course! Here is your certificate! 


Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!






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