Will Cars 3 Breathe Life Back Into The Franchise?

Pixar is the milestone for perfect animation. They are the gods of CG film and never make a mistake….except for Cars 2. Cars had its negative aspects but was still a pretty solid and beautifully animated film. The sequel was a bizarre choice and refused to gain praise from critics and fans alike. We were all surprised to hear that Pixar was releasing the third cars due to the failure of the last film. Will it breathe life back into the Cars saga, or will it be another dud?

Breakdown Cars 3 trailers:

Trailer 1:

Summary: The trailer looks like a more dramatic attempt to bring fans back to the franchise. We hear fans cheering with the roar of race engines zipping past the screen. A new looking race car is pushing its way to first. It than shows Lightning McQueen attempting to stay ahead but then spiraling out of control. While in the air, we hear slow breathing from McQueen and the caption reads “From this moment everything will change.”

Breakdown: This trailer gives many people new hope in the Cars franchise. We get a much more dramatic trailer than expected and peaks curiosity. There seems like a new advanced racecar is also in the race. The trouble with this trailer is that it shows absolutely nothing. This is a problem because many studios will try to cover a bad movie with an awesome looking, short trailer. This may not be the case but considering its last disappointment it could very well be.

Trailer 2:

Summary: Pixar releases its second trailer with exciting visuals on new characters. This second trailer also shows no storyline but includes two new characters. We get glamour shots of Jackson Storm who seems to be the antagonist of the film. In the first trailer Jackson Storm is seen pushing through the race. The second intro character is that of Cruz Ramirez. The glamour shots of Cruz show Rusteze Racing Team stickers, same that belong to Lightning McQueen. The trailer ends with glamour shots of Lightning McQueen.

Breakdown: This trailer introduces the amazing visuals that Pixar can provide. Problem is that trailer still shows no story. We have two new characters with no setup.

Trailer 3:

Summary: The beginning of the trailer is just the first trailer released. About a minute more of explanation is added. This is cool because it shows us that Jackson Storm from the second trailer is actually an advanced racecar that is putting older models into retirement (Lightning McQueen). Lightning doesn’t seem to like this idea too much and get’s help from Cruz; also from the second trailer. Audio of trailer sounds as if children and fans are screaming Lightning’s name as he stares at the 95 statue.

Breakdown: The idea to release this trailer with the first one was really cool. It explained quite a bit without showing barely a thing. This film looks more like the original cars and sticking with the main good morals and themes. Pixar still seems to try to give fans hope by showing their recent accomplishments on the trailer itself. The director will be Brian Fee who hasn’t directed any major film yet. This means we may be able to get new ideas with a new direction.

Will it be good?

I have a feeling that Cars 3 was a gamble for Pixar. If they mess this film up fans will not look at the legends of animation the same anymore. I feel that Pixar really worked hard on this film and is trying to show fans that this is the Cars that everyone wants to see. It’s smart to show little info on the film due to the last negative score.

Do you think Cars 3 is worthy?

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