Video Game Movies: Why Even Try?

We live in a world full of non-stop entertainment and next-gen video game software. The video game industry gives the film industry a run for its money. Producers and directors take note of the huge success of gaming and decide to make video game movies in order to gain a quick buck. This is usually translated into a crap fest of two hours.

I’ve realized that these films aren’t made for movie bliss but purely fan service and that good old green. There have been several “ok” video game adaptions but usually the result is a big mess. The negative aspects of a video game movie adaption is story, characters and climax. Nothing ever truly feels entertaining and much of the film is loud noises and terrible fight sequences. So why do people giver up their hard-earned cash for bad movies? Hope and those bad ass special effects.


Every video game fan has hope that one day that perfect adaption will be made. Warcraft (2016) and Assassin’s Creed (2016) were both a result of the hope factor. These two were set out to look like a new step in the video game franchise but the result was all to familiar. Sure hardcore fans will appreciate films like these but entertainment industries know all to well to pander to all audiences. Some almost too much. With Super Mario Bros. (1993) and the Resident Evil series (2002-2017) the directors took out much fan service and stuffed it with “original” ideas that over compensated the film.

Special Effects:

This is the golden key to every video game, comic, board game adaption. Fans love them some hardcore beautiful CGI and most adaptions deliver rather well. Warcraft (2016) took CGI to a whole new level of awesome. Most scenes looked real as actors took a back seat to visuals. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) proved that there can be some good visual storytelling with actors and plot.

Although most video game adaptions are pretty terrible all fans get excited for the next film anyway. I do as well and the film industries know this and capitalize at any given moment. It’s like a spam message in your email that looks too promising.

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One thought on “Video Game Movies: Why Even Try?”

  1. I do believe that one day we will get an amazing video game adaptation, and from that moment on the flood gates will open. Once studios see a good game-to-film perform well and bring in money, more studios will start to get involved. I’m really hoping that Tomb Raider with Alicia Vikander will be that film.


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