Here Are All The 2017 Movie Monsters That We Know Of

We all love us some monster movies and 2017 looks ready to roll with the large and scary. Here are the upcoming movie monsters you should be on the look out for.



Get ready again for your favorite demonic entity. Pennywise the clown is coming back in the 2017 “IT” and is ready to haunt your dreams forever. “Aren’t you going to say hello?”



Alien is back in Alien: Covenant. We saw how these jerks came into existence as they ate through space explorers and have a galactic war with the predators. Now they are back and more frightening than ever.



A war is coming and these evolved super apes are down to take what is rightfully theirs. These apes can talk, handle fire power and can even ride horse back. No time to mess around now.

The Creeper


This winged monster has surpassed expectations and still finds the hunger for human flesh. Be warned and terrified as he steps into the screens of Jeepers Creepers 3.



One of the good monsters to ever make a monster list. Monster takes his troubled friend for an adventure of courage in the upcoming film A Monster Calls.

Kong and gang


The second ape to make this list; Kong and the other monsters of Skull Island are prepared to destroy anything that enters their home. Including puny little humans.

Ancient Princess


After being awaken by explorers, the ancient princess takes her wrath to a new level of distorted violence. Be prepared to witness the monsters she can send to destroy the intruders.

Ghost Pirates


Pirates of the Caribbean cannot be complete without the introduction of monsters. These ghost pirates are here to stay in the upcoming Dead Men Tell No Tales. Captain Jack has his work cut out for him this time.

Optimus Prime and friends


The only way to save Optimus’ home planet is an artifact left on Earth. He doesn’t care anymore about the protection all he wants is his life back. Destruction and explosions are ready in The Last Knight.



We have seen the cartoon and we know that the Beast is tormented with the spell. The only way to be turned to normal is by true love. Who can turn this monster back into man.

What monster are you excited for? Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!



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