Did The Lego Company Just Create A New Movie Genre?

Yeah, so obviously top-animation is a legit genre but The Lego Movie and Lego Batman have created a sense of difference. The Ninjago Movie is coming out soon and one can only think that this is the start of a new genre.

Like so many other films the Lego Movie could have been classified as a one hit comedy to put with the others. Films such as Hardcore Henry and The original Bourne tried to create a new feel of filmmaking with the first person and shaky cam. The first person movie won’t take effect for a while but the shaky cam did stick…not for the right reasons though. The Lego Movie has given us new hope for a great way to tell comedy. The animation is hilarious and the bricks are all something that everybody can connect to. With the success of both The Lego Movie and Lego Batman there seems to be an undeniable attraction to this new way of telling story through film.

The reason this genre will stick is because the Lego company has already made a new name in video games, merchandise and TV. A small piece of plastic has somehow made it’s way into every home possible. They have already taken control of everything but the big screen and here is their chance. With the undeniable success of the upcoming Ninjago Movie, be sure that the Lego genre will stick around for a much longer time.

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The Greatest Action Films According To Each Genre

Action films can’t be put just into one category. Take Star Wars for instance. Star Wars is action, adventure and sci-fi fantasy. Action can be put into literally any film and we are here to show off the top action films in each genre. Vote em’ up!

1. Action/ Adventure: Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy Shines as the new Max in this thrilling sequel to the original Mad Max trilogy. Action and beautiful set pieces take the gold for best adventure.

2. Action/ Comedy: Blues Brothers

Filled with non-stop humor and cop car crashes, Blues Brothers takes the cake for the most memorable action/ comedy ever released.

3. Action/ Crime: The Godfather

The original OG for crime sagas, The Godfather is not only the greatest crime film in the world, it is one of the highest rated films of all time in general.

4. Action/ Drama: Forrest Gump

A mentally unstable man finds his way though amazing moments throughout history while trying to find the love of Jenny. Gump is one for the ages.

5. Action/ Fantasy: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The movie that changed the world even to the day. Not only is this the greatest fantasy film of all time, it showed that sequels can always be better than the original.

6. Action/ Historical: Apocalypse Now

War has never felt more real with the amazing sets and acting, Apocalypse Now will forever be a stamp in war film history.

7. Action/ Horror: Alien

The scariest fun fueled movie to ever see the light of day belongs to Alien. Ridley shows that scares can be fun…no matter where your at.

8. Action/Suspense Mystery: Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver takes De Niro’s hard image and doubles it with the heart stopping Taxi driver. Beware of this ex marine.

9. Action/ Romance: True Romance

Love is dealt hard with this crime/ romance film about drugs and money. True Romance takes a romantic gesture and smashes the gold.

10. Action/ Satire: Fight Club

Fight Club is a film about a crazy mans rise to the top of a terrorist group that fights underground just for the hell of it. If that doesn’t sound fun than you can leave.

11. Action/ Western: The Searchers

The greatest Western is not complete if it doesn’t have the one and only John Wayne. Filled with great western gestures and anticipated fun.

12. Action/ Animation: The Incredibles

Pixar surprised every fan when they released the kid friendly, action packed animated adventure. Filled with colorful sets and humor, Incredibles soars.

13. Action/ Video Game Adaptions: Mortal Kombat

By default. Some good scenes but other than that good for you.

14. Action/ superhero: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is one of those films you will see on almost every top list. It is pure fun and shows us what the Joker and Batman feud would really be like. RIP Heath.


5 Purely Action Genre Changers:

  1. Die Hard
  2. John Wick
  3. Mission Impossible
  4. The Bourne Identity
  5. Dr. No
  6. The Matrix


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Why Do We Still Care About the Pirates Of the Caribbean?

Oh I will tell you why! Ever since the first Pirates came out in theaters people have been hoping and praying for the same swashbuckling fun that they so glad experienced in the first film. Over the course of the saga the films have become less on action and piratey adventures but more focused on magic, legends and monsters. This would have been okay but they kind of defeated the whole entire “pirates” concept.

Why do we watch the sequels than?

Jack freakin Sparrow is why. Even though he has almost became a parody of himself, Jack Sparrow is still one of the only movie characters of all time that can be fun. The only reason the newer Pirates films haven’t flat-out sucked is because of the one and only Sparrow.

Can the films come back from critical disaster?

I wouldn’t know but the obvious factor from the new “Dead Men Tell No Tales” trailer shows us that Disney seems like they are pushing the films back into the old dead pirates story, which is really cool. This seems as if it will be a nostalgic gesture for us who loved the original so much. The studio doesn’t really have a negative hit if critics hate it though. People will still see the next one two years later, hoping for what they want every other Pirates film.

The actors and studio are a pretty big role as well.

We also stick around for these movies because yes indeed it is run by the mega star Disney and Johnny Depp. Everyone was disappointed when Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan didn’t show up in “On Stranger Tides” but what is definitely confirmed is that Will is back for “Dead Men Tell No Tales”. Johnny Depp though.

Anything Else?

Other than the fun action and humor that all the films possessed it is an obvious factor to point out that these films are going downhill very slowly. Hopefully “Dead Men Tell No Tales” will boost the franchise again and we will all get the Pirates we deserve!


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6 TV Shows You Won’t Believe Are Still Happening

TV shows have been the top cousin to movies. They are easily bingeble and get fat people even fatter. These are the top TV shows that are surprisingly still coming out. Get pumped!

Trailer Park Boys: Season 11 (Swearnet)


You forgot all about the boys didn’t you? Well they aren’t going to leave us yet because Netflix announced that yes, indeed the 11th season of the first mockumentary will air some time in 2017. Good thing we have specials and Swearnet.com to hold us over until then.

The First Nine (Sons of Anarchy Prequel)


The First Nine will follow the lives of the original Sons of Anarchy. We will get to see all the crime, drama, and dangers of a motorcycle gang all over again. Get ready to ride sons. The show still has no air date but is still confirmed to happen.

Legion (X-Men/Marvel show)


If Marvel studios can make two separate storylines on the big screen and small, so can their rivals; Fox studios. Legion follows the story of a mentally ill mutant that thinks his powers are just a sickness. The X-Men are sure to look out for you when you blow up a building. The release date is February 8th.

Taken (I know right)


Yes this is exactly the taken you thought it was. As interesting as it sounds I am just going to say that Brian Mills is  just a bad father. This mini series will be a prequel from the three other films and oh my god why……(still excited though). Taken will be released February 27th.

Star Trek Discovery (The other Star Wars)


Star Trek Discovery is set a decade before the first Star Trek series and follows the female captain Georgiou and her crew through the vastness of space. The show will be more action packed than the films and is prepared to send nerdgasms into any true fan.

Star Wars: Underworld (The other Star Trek)


Get ready for the story about the greatest galactic bounty hunter; Boba Fett. This series will follow the adventures of Boba and his mentor as they travel the universe and fight their way through dangers beyond your belief. Underworld is set to be released in 2018.

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