6 TV Shows You Won’t Believe Are Still Happening

TV shows have been the top cousin to movies. They are easily bingeble and get fat people even fatter. These are the top TV shows that are surprisingly still coming out. Get pumped!

Trailer Park Boys: Season 11 (Swearnet)


You forgot all about the boys didn’t you? Well they aren’t going to leave us yet because Netflix announced that yes, indeed the 11th season of the first mockumentary will air some time in 2017. Good thing we have specials and Swearnet.com to hold us over until then.

The First Nine (Sons of Anarchy Prequel)


The First Nine will follow the lives of the original Sons of Anarchy. We will get to see all the crime, drama, and dangers of a motorcycle gang all over again. Get ready to ride sons. The show still has no air date but is still confirmed to happen.

Legion (X-Men/Marvel show)


If Marvel studios can make two separate storylines on the big screen and small, so can their rivals; Fox studios. Legion follows the story of a mentally ill mutant that thinks his powers are just a sickness. The X-Men are sure to look out for you when you blow up a building. The release date is February 8th.

Taken (I know right)


Yes this is exactly the taken you thought it was. As interesting as it sounds I am just going to say that Brian Mills is  just a bad father. This mini series will be a prequel from the three other films and oh my god why……(still excited though). Taken will be released February 27th.

Star Trek Discovery (The other Star Wars)


Star Trek Discovery is set a decade before the first Star Trek series and follows the female captain Georgiou and her crew through the vastness of space. The show will be more action packed than the films and is prepared to send nerdgasms into any true fan.

Star Wars: Underworld (The other Star Trek)


Get ready for the story about the greatest galactic bounty hunter; Boba Fett. This series will follow the adventures of Boba and his mentor as they travel the universe and fight their way through dangers beyond your belief. Underworld is set to be released in 2018.

What TV series are you most excited for? Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!



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