Why Do We Still Care About the Pirates Of the Caribbean?

Oh I will tell you why! Ever since the first Pirates came out in theaters people have been hoping and praying for the same swashbuckling fun that they so glad experienced in the first film. Over the course of the saga the films have become less on action and piratey adventures but more focused on magic, legends and monsters. This would have been okay but they kind of defeated the whole entire “pirates” concept.

Why do we watch the sequels than?

Jack freakin Sparrow is why. Even though he has almost became a parody of himself, Jack Sparrow is still one of the only movie characters of all time that can be fun. The only reason the newer Pirates films haven’t flat-out sucked is because of the one and only Sparrow.

Can the films come back from critical disaster?

I wouldn’t know but the obvious factor from the new “Dead Men Tell No Tales” trailer shows us that Disney seems like they are pushing the films back into the old dead pirates story, which is really cool. This seems as if it will be a nostalgic gesture for us who loved the original so much. The studio doesn’t really have a negative hit if critics hate it though. People will still see the next one two years later, hoping for what they want every other Pirates film.

The actors and studio are a pretty big role as well.

We also stick around for these movies because yes indeed it is run by the mega star Disney and Johnny Depp. Everyone was disappointed when Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan didn’t show up in “On Stranger Tides” but what is definitely confirmed is that Will is back for “Dead Men Tell No Tales”. Johnny Depp though.

Anything Else?

Other than the fun action and humor that all the films possessed it is an obvious factor to point out that these films are going downhill very slowly. Hopefully “Dead Men Tell No Tales” will boost the franchise again and we will all get the Pirates we deserve!


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