The Greatest Action Films According To Each Genre

Action films can’t be put just into one category. Take Star Wars for instance. Star Wars is action, adventure and sci-fi fantasy. Action can be put into literally any film and we are here to show off the top action films in each genre. Vote em’ up!

1. Action/ Adventure: Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy Shines as the new Max in this thrilling sequel to the original Mad Max trilogy. Action and beautiful set pieces take the gold for best adventure.

2. Action/ Comedy: Blues Brothers

Filled with non-stop humor and cop car crashes, Blues Brothers takes the cake for the most memorable action/ comedy ever released.

3. Action/ Crime: The Godfather

The original OG for crime sagas, The Godfather is not only the greatest crime film in the world, it is one of the highest rated films of all time in general.

4. Action/ Drama: Forrest Gump

A mentally unstable man finds his way though amazing moments throughout history while trying to find the love of Jenny. Gump is one for the ages.

5. Action/ Fantasy: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The movie that changed the world even to the day. Not only is this the greatest fantasy film of all time, it showed that sequels can always be better than the original.

6. Action/ Historical: Apocalypse Now

War has never felt more real with the amazing sets and acting, Apocalypse Now will forever be a stamp in war film history.

7. Action/ Horror: Alien

The scariest fun fueled movie to ever see the light of day belongs to Alien. Ridley shows that scares can be fun…no matter where your at.

8. Action/Suspense Mystery: Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver takes De Niro’s hard image and doubles it with the heart stopping Taxi driver. Beware of this ex marine.

9. Action/ Romance: True Romance

Love is dealt hard with this crime/ romance film about drugs and money. True Romance takes a romantic gesture and smashes the gold.

10. Action/ Satire: Fight Club

Fight Club is a film about a crazy mans rise to the top of a terrorist group that fights underground just for the hell of it. If that doesn’t sound fun than you can leave.

11. Action/ Western: The Searchers

The greatest Western is not complete if it doesn’t have the one and only John Wayne. Filled with great western gestures and anticipated fun.

12. Action/ Animation: The Incredibles

Pixar surprised every fan when they released the kid friendly, action packed animated adventure. Filled with colorful sets and humor, Incredibles soars.

13. Action/ Video Game Adaptions: Mortal Kombat

By default. Some good scenes but other than that good for you.

14. Action/ superhero: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is one of those films you will see on almost every top list. It is pure fun and shows us what the Joker and Batman feud would really be like. RIP Heath.


5 Purely Action Genre Changers:

  1. Die Hard
  2. John Wick
  3. Mission Impossible
  4. The Bourne Identity
  5. Dr. No
  6. The Matrix


What are your favorite action flicks? Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow and comment for more!






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