Did The Lego Company Just Create A New Movie Genre?

Yeah, so obviously top-animation is a legit genre but The Lego Movie and Lego Batman have created a sense of difference. The Ninjago Movie is coming out soon and one can only think that this is the start of a new genre.

Like so many other films the Lego Movie could have been classified as a one hit comedy to put with the others. Films such as Hardcore Henry and The original Bourne tried to create a new feel of filmmaking with the first person and shaky cam. The first person movie won’t take effect for a while but the shaky cam did stick…not for the right reasons though. The Lego Movie has given us new hope for a great way to tell comedy. The animation is hilarious and the bricks are all something that everybody can connect to. With the success of both The Lego Movie and Lego Batman there seems to be an undeniable attraction to this new way of telling story through film.

The reason this genre will stick is because the Lego company has already made a new name in video games, merchandise and TV. A small piece of plastic has somehow made it’s way into every home possible. They have already taken control of everything but the big screen and here is their chance. With the undeniable success of the upcoming Ninjago Movie, be sure that the Lego genre will stick around for a much longer time.

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