Captain Underpants Will Ignite That 90’s Nostalgia + Animated Lineup

The new adaption from the comic series “Captain Underpants” is amazingly real with the drop of its new epic trailer. We follow best pals, George and Harold, as they accidentally hypnotize their mean teacher; Mr. Krupp, and turn him into a superhero without superpowers named Captain Underpants.

The trailer shows evidence of good-natured fun from the evil Pippy Poopypants to the Turbo Toilets, this children’s film will be sure to bring joy to everyone in the family. The film is also united with an all-star cast including Ed Helms as Captain Underpants and Kevin Hart as George.

Animated films have taken over main stream media by storm and the three kings are Pixar (Disney included), DreamWorks and Illumination. These studios have been releasing films left and right with the goal to put a smile not only on the children’s faces but the parents as well. The line up for animation movies this year is crazy and no one is more excited than the fans. Here they are!

  • Boss Baby- March. 31
  • Smurfs: The Lost Village- April. 7
  • Spark- April. 14
  • Animal Crackers- April. 21
  • Captain Underpants- June. 2
  • Cars 3- June. 16
  • Despicable Me 3- June. 30
  • The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature- August. 8
  • The Lego Ninjago Movie- September. 22
  • Woody the Woodpecker- 2017

Hopefully Captain Underpants shows that animated movies are still going strong and can bring back that Madagascar, Shrek and Ice Age feel all over again. Get ready for Captain Underpants coming to a theatre near you!

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“Life”…Get Ready For A Call Back To The Original “Alien”

Life starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal tells the story of a team of astronauts covering Mars surface in order to discover if life indeed does exist on the barren planet. The trailers look intense and the atmosphere seems terrifying and the one thought that keeps ringing in my head is…”damn, this looks like the original Alien”.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but possibly a great movie technique. We have different characters with different backgrounds in a much different setting. The similarities? Astronauts study a beginning form of alien life that evolves into a major threat that is later discovered destroyed their alien home planet. Same exact premise actually. The great thing about this is that movie companies have been cranking out remakes and sequels for a quick buck, in which this film is merely a retelling of a classic. Fans have been waiting a long time for the sequel to Prometheus which is going to be released later this year but it is clear that our anticipations can be passed on to an equal storyteller, Life, until Alien: Covenant is released.

The main issues with this alien type formula is pretty clear. There have been many films where astronauts are destroyed by alien lifeforms. Many of these films are very sub par to the original Alien. Speaking of which, why are there so many films about disaster on or by  Mars? Mars Attacks, Mission to Mars, Ghost of Mars…Jesus..I could continue I just don’t want to. In conclusion to this point, there are so many movies about aliens attacking and none of them, except for a few, are all that good. Hopefully Life can pull out from the other list of films and stand out among them. So far the reviews are pretty solid and that is sure to make any fan excited.

So if you want a great suspense film in the limelight of the original Alien saga then go and visit the theater to watch Deadpool do a Ryan Reynolds impression and enjoy the alien suspense film…Life!

What Does “Iron Fist’s” Negative Reviews Mean For “The Defenders”?

Marvel has finally done it…they made a negatively reviewed show. How could something like this happen? Well after watching a few episodes of Iron Fist I can tell you that this show is very bland and cliche next to all of the other hard hitters. We are talking about a rich dude that disappears for a while and comes back to fight crime….(Batman and Iron Man to name a few). People are getting tired of the same old superhero story and to tell the truth, the show is soooo boring.

Yeah i’m sure the show will pick up but it doesn’t really make up for much. The Tomatometer is currently setting the show at 18% which is a really hard blow for Marvel. Marvel’s lowest rating was Thor: The Dark World which has a percentage of 66, and that ain’t too shabby either. What will happen with the Defenders than.

The Defenders are the Netflix MCU’s small screen of characters that team up to destroy evil in New York City. So…you know..small Avengers and such.All the other shows have had awesome reviews but Iron Fist though. This won’t matter at the least. Defenders have been planned way before Iron Fist and Luke Cage and fans are going to watch either way. Iron Fist will most likely be the Hawkeye to the team until later notice when they decide to make him more bad ass….just like Hawkeye.

As disappointing as this show might be to critics there are those fans that still appreciate the effort. So with hesitation I say, keep the Marvel shows coming!

On another note I have to say that the villains of these shows have been pretty awesome. They are way more in depth than the big budget movies and you really feel a connection to what they do and who they are. That is a huge appreciation for comic fans around the globe. This is a hint to you big budget Marvel films….get yo villains right. We need more than Loki.


Getting Tired Of Storms Destroying The Planet? Well Too Bad… Get Ready For A Geostorm!

Storms in movies have always been fascinating to watch. They are always more epic in size and can take away whole home, cities, and even planets. Over the years it has been pretty cliché for storms to be the main antagonist of the film, but this hasn’t stopped the filmmakers of Geostorm.

Geostorm will explain how future weather satellites covering our globe will malfunction and cause all storms to happen at once around the world. At the same time of this happening there is a plot to assassinate the president for some other reason that I really don’t care about. There will be tornadoes, hurricanes, building sized hail, thunder…literally everything from your nightmares. The problem with all this? It’s been done soooo many times.

Some films like Twister and Armageddon take two different storm approaches and make them super entertaining while others like “2012” and 2008’s The Day the Earth Stood Still made for a boring disaster flick. Geostorm is supposed to be the film that knocks all disaster movies out of the water by adding literally everything. While the music in the trailer sounds eery and the visuals looks exciting, I have been fooled before.

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Geostorm trailer below