What Does “Iron Fist’s” Negative Reviews Mean For “The Defenders”?

Marvel has finally done it…they made a negatively reviewed show. How could something like this happen? Well after watching a few episodes of Iron Fist I can tell you that this show is very bland and cliche next to all of the other hard hitters. We are talking about a rich dude that disappears for a while and comes back to fight crime….(Batman and Iron Man to name a few). People are getting tired of the same old superhero story and to tell the truth, the show is soooo boring.

Yeah i’m sure the show will pick up but it doesn’t really make up for much. The Tomatometer is currently setting the show at 18% which is a really hard blow for Marvel. Marvel’s lowest rating was Thor: The Dark World which has a percentage of 66, and that ain’t too shabby either. What will happen with the Defenders than.

The Defenders are the Netflix MCU’s small screen of characters that team up to destroy evil in New York City. So…you know..small Avengers and such.All the other shows have had awesome reviews but Iron Fist though. This won’t matter at the least. Defenders have been planned way before Iron Fist and Luke Cage and fans are going to watch either way. Iron Fist will most likely be the Hawkeye to the team until later notice when they decide to make him more bad ass….just like Hawkeye.

As disappointing as this show might be to critics there are those fans that still appreciate the effort. So with hesitation I say, keep the Marvel shows coming!

On another note I have to say that the villains of these shows have been pretty awesome. They are way more in depth than the big budget movies and you really feel a connection to what they do and who they are. That is a huge appreciation for comic fans around the globe. This is a hint to you big budget Marvel films….get yo villains right. We need more than Loki.



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