“Life”…Get Ready For A Call Back To The Original “Alien”

Life starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal tells the story of a team of astronauts covering Mars surface in order to discover if life indeed does exist on the barren planet. The trailers look intense and the atmosphere seems terrifying and the one thought that keeps ringing in my head is…”damn, this looks like the original Alien”.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but possibly a great movie technique. We have different characters with different backgrounds in a much different setting. The similarities? Astronauts study a beginning form of alien life that evolves into a major threat that is later discovered destroyed their alien home planet. Same exact premise actually. The great thing about this is that movie companies have been cranking out remakes and sequels for a quick buck, in which this film is merely a retelling of a classic. Fans have been waiting a long time for the sequel to Prometheus which is going to be released later this year but it is clear that our anticipations can be passed on to an equal storyteller, Life, until Alien: Covenant is released.

The main issues with this alien type formula is pretty clear. There have been many films where astronauts are destroyed by alien lifeforms. Many of these films are very sub par to the original Alien. Speaking of which, why are there so many films about disaster on or by  Mars? Mars Attacks, Mission to Mars, Ghost of Mars…Jesus..I could continue I just don’t want to. In conclusion to this point, there are so many movies about aliens attacking and none of them, except for a few, are all that good. Hopefully Life can pull out from the other list of films and stand out among them. So far the reviews are pretty solid and that is sure to make any fan excited.

So if you want a great suspense film in the limelight of the original Alien saga then go and visit the theater to watch Deadpool do a Ryan Reynolds impression and enjoy the alien suspense film…Life!


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