“Phoenix Forgotten” Is Destined For Bad Reviews

The trailers for Phoenix Forgotten have been released several weeks ago and the thought on everyone’s mind is…this looks really familiar. While yes there are many “found footage” horror films out on the market “Phoenix Forgotten” looks mostly like the critically acclaimed “The Blair Witch Project”. Back when the first Paranormal Activity was released, found footage horror films were all the craze, but around 2012 after “V/H/S” was released they started to fall off the map.


Horror films started to go for a downhill spiral all together. Now in 2017 they are making a quick rise with awesome thrills but there was a period where horror was just cheesy, bloody, and bad. Some of the biggest culprits of bad horror films were coming out of the found footage territory with movies such as the later sequels to “Paranormal Activity”, “As Above So Below”, and “Befriended”. Some fans did enjoy these films but the consensus was that they were turning out to be quite lame. The stories were becoming thin, special effects lame, and acting sub par.

Why “Phoenix Forgotten” though?

While aliens are very cool and the sighting of U.F.O’s are intriguing to everyone, the biggest flaw this film already has is that it is a straight copycat of “Blair Witch”. The trailer shows this comparison with the group of kids going to investigate the sightings and something terrible happening in the process while in “Blair Witch” a group of kids go in search of the Blair Witch and something terrible happens….both obviously found footage films as well. “Blair Witch” was a film that pretty much restarted the whole entire found footage craze so it definitely deserves props and is a pretty suspenseful movie. The issue with that film though, is that you can only watch it once and be scared or interested…second time through it gets actually pretty boring. The sequel to “Blair Witch” reminded everyone that these found footage films are getting quite ridiculous and when the sequel to the greatest found footage horror film is bad than the remake a.k.a “Phoenix Forgotten” is destined to fall through and be easily forgotten.

What do you think? Is “Phoenix Forgotten” going to be good?

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Heath Ledger Is Coming Back To The Big Screen And The Emotions Are All Too Real

Heath Ledger has proved to be one of the greatest young actors the world has ever seen. He has been nominated for best Oscar in the award-winning “Brokeback Mountain” and has won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor as the Joker in 2009’s “The Dark Knight”. He has shown that charm truly comes in any form and the world was torn when he passed away in January of 2008 due to an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

Heath Ledger has made such a mark on the film’s public that he is coming back for his very own Documentary in May called “I am Heath Ledger”, directed by Derik Murray. The film will dive into Ledger’s fascination with film and will be all shot through the lens of his own cameras. Audiences will get to notice the legend in a more serious and thought-provoking film. Ledger’s friends and family will also be apart of the film to talk about how the actor was in real life and why people truly loved him so much.

Heath will forever be hailed as one of the greatest Jokers that every true fan will miss. Grab the tissues and prepare “I am Heath Ledger” appearing in select cinemas May 3rd.

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Thor Is Upgraded To Gladiator Status In New “Thor: Ragnarok”

Marvel has been successful in every attempt at big screen cinema but the weak link in the series has been with Thor. Not that Thor is bad but it hasn’t made it to the high level standard yet. That being said the new trailer has brought much hope.

Breakdown Trailer:

We see Thor trapped in a magical chain being held by magic over a pit of some streams of lava. The next thing we notice is the villain Hela catching Thor’s hammer and breaking it like glass.

  • THOR HAS NO HAMMER. That’s like Baseball without a baseball. Anyway it is a pretty awesome concept…moving on..

A snappy Guardians of the Galaxy ripoff Marvel logo appears on the screen and we get to hear the epic soundtrack “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin. Hela is seen about to battle the whole entire army of Asgard. She pretty much blows up the whole kingdom and the next thing we know…Thor is being taking away by Valkyrie to be sold as a gladiator I think.

  • So far this trailer is another one of those “not your average superhero movie deals”

Heimdall is seen fighting through hordes of enemies and then an amazing shot of Loki flipping knives is present.

  • Remember that in the last Thor, Loki took control of the kingdom by using his trickery. Not sure if he is fighting for Asgard or is still a main villain.

“The main event time”. Thor walks into a space arena type thing armed with a club, shield, and a damn nice haircut. He looks up to see who he is about to battle and to everybody’s amazement it is the one and only Hulk.

  • AGHHHHH! yes

Hulk is armed to the teeth with helmet, ax and hammer. Thor get’s excited and we get a shot of a confused Grandmaster and Loki sitting on a luxury couch.

  • Still not sure why Loki is here, he knows the Hulk so why is he confused.

This humorous moment is killed as Hulk doesn’t seem to recognize Thor and charge full force at him. The trailer ends with the two gladiators in mid-air about to battle.

Will it be good?

Yes…..I don’t know but most certainly yes.

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“How The Grinch Stole Christmas”….Again?

Dr. Seuss books have inspired many children to live out their imaginations and truly mess around with the concept of fun. The film adaptions are always an interesting spectacle especially because the worth of the film is totally random. Illumination studios has officially announced their upcoming 2018 film…How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

This is interesting because this is the third time at an attempt to recreate the classic children’s book. The cartoon was short and fun while the big screen adaption was filled with great performances and somewhat short on story. What new could Illumination bring to this already told story? Illumination hasn’t had a terrible run in films and yes while they may have had a couple short falls such as Minions and Hop they will never let down the success of Despicable Me. They have a shot at truly making a fun Dr. Seuss movie and not a dud like Cat in the Hat.

While this seems like a quick cash grab of a film, it could possibly be a shot at a fun Christmas children’s tale. Hopefully.

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