Thor Is Upgraded To Gladiator Status In New “Thor: Ragnarok”

Marvel has been successful in every attempt at big screen cinema but the weak link in the series has been with Thor. Not that Thor is bad but it hasn’t made it to the high level standard yet. That being said the new trailer has brought much hope.

Breakdown Trailer:

We see Thor trapped in a magical chain being held by magic over a pit of some streams of lava. The next thing we notice is the villain Hela catching Thor’s hammer and breaking it like glass.

  • THOR HAS NO HAMMER. That’s like Baseball without a baseball. Anyway it is a pretty awesome concept…moving on..

A snappy Guardians of the Galaxy ripoff Marvel logo appears on the screen and we get to hear the epic soundtrack “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin. Hela is seen about to battle the whole entire army of Asgard. She pretty much blows up the whole kingdom and the next thing we know…Thor is being taking away by Valkyrie to be sold as a gladiator I think.

  • So far this trailer is another one of those “not your average superhero movie deals”

Heimdall is seen fighting through hordes of enemies and then an amazing shot of Loki flipping knives is present.

  • Remember that in the last Thor, Loki took control of the kingdom by using his trickery. Not sure if he is fighting for Asgard or is still a main villain.

“The main event time”. Thor walks into a space arena type thing armed with a club, shield, and a damn nice haircut. He looks up to see who he is about to battle and to everybody’s amazement it is the one and only Hulk.

  • AGHHHHH! yes

Hulk is armed to the teeth with helmet, ax and hammer. Thor get’s excited and we get a shot of a confused Grandmaster and Loki sitting on a luxury couch.

  • Still not sure why Loki is here, he knows the Hulk so why is he confused.

This humorous moment is killed as Hulk doesn’t seem to recognize Thor and charge full force at him. The trailer ends with the two gladiators in mid-air about to battle.

Will it be good?

Yes…..I don’t know but most certainly yes.

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