“Phoenix Forgotten” Is Destined For Bad Reviews

The trailers for Phoenix Forgotten have been released several weeks ago and the thought on everyone’s mind is…this looks really familiar. While yes there are many “found footage” horror films out on the market “Phoenix Forgotten” looks mostly like the critically acclaimed “The Blair Witch Project”. Back when the first Paranormal Activity was released, found footage horror films were all the craze, but around 2012 after “V/H/S” was released they started to fall off the map.


Horror films started to go for a downhill spiral all together. Now in 2017 they are making a quick rise with awesome thrills but there was a period where horror was just cheesy, bloody, and bad. Some of the biggest culprits of bad horror films were coming out of the found footage territory with movies such as the later sequels to “Paranormal Activity”, “As Above So Below”, and “Befriended”. Some fans did enjoy these films but the consensus was that they were turning out to be quite lame. The stories were becoming thin, special effects lame, and acting sub par.

Why “Phoenix Forgotten” though?

While aliens are very cool and the sighting of U.F.O’s are intriguing to everyone, the biggest flaw this film already has is that it is a straight copycat of “Blair Witch”. The trailer shows this comparison with the group of kids going to investigate the sightings and something terrible happening in the process while in “Blair Witch” a group of kids go in search of the Blair Witch and something terrible happens….both obviously found footage films as well. “Blair Witch” was a film that pretty much restarted the whole entire found footage craze so it definitely deserves props and is a pretty suspenseful movie. The issue with that film though, is that you can only watch it once and be scared or interested…second time through it gets actually pretty boring. The sequel to “Blair Witch” reminded everyone that these found footage films are getting quite ridiculous and when the sequel to the greatest found footage horror film is bad than the remake a.k.a “Phoenix Forgotten” is destined to fall through and be easily forgotten.

What do you think? Is “Phoenix Forgotten” going to be good?

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Heath Ledger Is Coming Back To The Big Screen And The Emotions Are All Too Real

Heath Ledger has proved to be one of the greatest young actors the world has ever seen. He has been nominated for best Oscar in the award-winning “Brokeback Mountain” and has won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor as the Joker in 2009’s “The Dark Knight”. He has shown that charm truly comes in any form and the world was torn when he passed away in January of 2008 due to an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

Heath Ledger has made such a mark on the film’s public that he is coming back for his very own Documentary in May called “I am Heath Ledger”, directed by Derik Murray. The film will dive into Ledger’s fascination with film and will be all shot through the lens of his own cameras. Audiences will get to notice the legend in a more serious and thought-provoking film. Ledger’s friends and family will also be apart of the film to talk about how the actor was in real life and why people truly loved him so much.

Heath will forever be hailed as one of the greatest Jokers that every true fan will miss. Grab the tissues and prepare “I am Heath Ledger” appearing in select cinemas May 3rd.

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Thor Is Upgraded To Gladiator Status In New “Thor: Ragnarok”

Marvel has been successful in every attempt at big screen cinema but the weak link in the series has been with Thor. Not that Thor is bad but it hasn’t made it to the high level standard yet. That being said the new trailer has brought much hope.

Breakdown Trailer:

We see Thor trapped in a magical chain being held by magic over a pit of some streams of lava. The next thing we notice is the villain Hela catching Thor’s hammer and breaking it like glass.

  • THOR HAS NO HAMMER. That’s like Baseball without a baseball. Anyway it is a pretty awesome concept…moving on..

A snappy Guardians of the Galaxy ripoff Marvel logo appears on the screen and we get to hear the epic soundtrack “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin. Hela is seen about to battle the whole entire army of Asgard. She pretty much blows up the whole kingdom and the next thing we know…Thor is being taking away by Valkyrie to be sold as a gladiator I think.

  • So far this trailer is another one of those “not your average superhero movie deals”

Heimdall is seen fighting through hordes of enemies and then an amazing shot of Loki flipping knives is present.

  • Remember that in the last Thor, Loki took control of the kingdom by using his trickery. Not sure if he is fighting for Asgard or is still a main villain.

“The main event time”. Thor walks into a space arena type thing armed with a club, shield, and a damn nice haircut. He looks up to see who he is about to battle and to everybody’s amazement it is the one and only Hulk.

  • AGHHHHH! yes

Hulk is armed to the teeth with helmet, ax and hammer. Thor get’s excited and we get a shot of a confused Grandmaster and Loki sitting on a luxury couch.

  • Still not sure why Loki is here, he knows the Hulk so why is he confused.

This humorous moment is killed as Hulk doesn’t seem to recognize Thor and charge full force at him. The trailer ends with the two gladiators in mid-air about to battle.

Will it be good?

Yes…..I don’t know but most certainly yes.

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“How The Grinch Stole Christmas”….Again?

Dr. Seuss books have inspired many children to live out their imaginations and truly mess around with the concept of fun. The film adaptions are always an interesting spectacle especially because the worth of the film is totally random. Illumination studios has officially announced their upcoming 2018 film…How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

This is interesting because this is the third time at an attempt to recreate the classic children’s book. The cartoon was short and fun while the big screen adaption was filled with great performances and somewhat short on story. What new could Illumination bring to this already told story? Illumination hasn’t had a terrible run in films and yes while they may have had a couple short falls such as Minions and Hop they will never let down the success of Despicable Me. They have a shot at truly making a fun Dr. Seuss movie and not a dud like Cat in the Hat.

While this seems like a quick cash grab of a film, it could possibly be a shot at a fun Christmas children’s tale. Hopefully.

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Captain Underpants Will Ignite That 90’s Nostalgia + Animated Lineup

The new adaption from the comic series “Captain Underpants” is amazingly real with the drop of its new epic trailer. We follow best pals, George and Harold, as they accidentally hypnotize their mean teacher; Mr. Krupp, and turn him into a superhero without superpowers named Captain Underpants.

The trailer shows evidence of good-natured fun from the evil Pippy Poopypants to the Turbo Toilets, this children’s film will be sure to bring joy to everyone in the family. The film is also united with an all-star cast including Ed Helms as Captain Underpants and Kevin Hart as George.

Animated films have taken over main stream media by storm and the three kings are Pixar (Disney included), DreamWorks and Illumination. These studios have been releasing films left and right with the goal to put a smile not only on the children’s faces but the parents as well. The line up for animation movies this year is crazy and no one is more excited than the fans. Here they are!

  • Boss Baby- March. 31
  • Smurfs: The Lost Village- April. 7
  • Spark- April. 14
  • Animal Crackers- April. 21
  • Captain Underpants- June. 2
  • Cars 3- June. 16
  • Despicable Me 3- June. 30
  • The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature- August. 8
  • The Lego Ninjago Movie- September. 22
  • Woody the Woodpecker- 2017

Hopefully Captain Underpants shows that animated movies are still going strong and can bring back that Madagascar, Shrek and Ice Age feel all over again. Get ready for Captain Underpants coming to a theatre near you!

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“Life”…Get Ready For A Call Back To The Original “Alien”

Life starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal tells the story of a team of astronauts covering Mars surface in order to discover if life indeed does exist on the barren planet. The trailers look intense and the atmosphere seems terrifying and the one thought that keeps ringing in my head is…”damn, this looks like the original Alien”.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but possibly a great movie technique. We have different characters with different backgrounds in a much different setting. The similarities? Astronauts study a beginning form of alien life that evolves into a major threat that is later discovered destroyed their alien home planet. Same exact premise actually. The great thing about this is that movie companies have been cranking out remakes and sequels for a quick buck, in which this film is merely a retelling of a classic. Fans have been waiting a long time for the sequel to Prometheus which is going to be released later this year but it is clear that our anticipations can be passed on to an equal storyteller, Life, until Alien: Covenant is released.

The main issues with this alien type formula is pretty clear. There have been many films where astronauts are destroyed by alien lifeforms. Many of these films are very sub par to the original Alien. Speaking of which, why are there so many films about disaster on or by  Mars? Mars Attacks, Mission to Mars, Ghost of Mars…Jesus..I could continue I just don’t want to. In conclusion to this point, there are so many movies about aliens attacking and none of them, except for a few, are all that good. Hopefully Life can pull out from the other list of films and stand out among them. So far the reviews are pretty solid and that is sure to make any fan excited.

So if you want a great suspense film in the limelight of the original Alien saga then go and visit the theater to watch Deadpool do a Ryan Reynolds impression and enjoy the alien suspense film…Life!

What Does “Iron Fist’s” Negative Reviews Mean For “The Defenders”?

Marvel has finally done it…they made a negatively reviewed show. How could something like this happen? Well after watching a few episodes of Iron Fist I can tell you that this show is very bland and cliche next to all of the other hard hitters. We are talking about a rich dude that disappears for a while and comes back to fight crime….(Batman and Iron Man to name a few). People are getting tired of the same old superhero story and to tell the truth, the show is soooo boring.

Yeah i’m sure the show will pick up but it doesn’t really make up for much. The Tomatometer is currently setting the show at 18% which is a really hard blow for Marvel. Marvel’s lowest rating was Thor: The Dark World which has a percentage of 66, and that ain’t too shabby either. What will happen with the Defenders than.

The Defenders are the Netflix MCU’s small screen of characters that team up to destroy evil in New York City. So…you know..small Avengers and such.All the other shows have had awesome reviews but Iron Fist though. This won’t matter at the least. Defenders have been planned way before Iron Fist and Luke Cage and fans are going to watch either way. Iron Fist will most likely be the Hawkeye to the team until later notice when they decide to make him more bad ass….just like Hawkeye.

As disappointing as this show might be to critics there are those fans that still appreciate the effort. So with hesitation I say, keep the Marvel shows coming!

On another note I have to say that the villains of these shows have been pretty awesome. They are way more in depth than the big budget movies and you really feel a connection to what they do and who they are. That is a huge appreciation for comic fans around the globe. This is a hint to you big budget Marvel films….get yo villains right. We need more than Loki.


Getting Tired Of Storms Destroying The Planet? Well Too Bad… Get Ready For A Geostorm!

Storms in movies have always been fascinating to watch. They are always more epic in size and can take away whole home, cities, and even planets. Over the years it has been pretty cliché for storms to be the main antagonist of the film, but this hasn’t stopped the filmmakers of Geostorm.

Geostorm will explain how future weather satellites covering our globe will malfunction and cause all storms to happen at once around the world. At the same time of this happening there is a plot to assassinate the president for some other reason that I really don’t care about. There will be tornadoes, hurricanes, building sized hail, thunder…literally everything from your nightmares. The problem with all this? It’s been done soooo many times.

Some films like Twister and Armageddon take two different storm approaches and make them super entertaining while others like “2012” and 2008’s The Day the Earth Stood Still made for a boring disaster flick. Geostorm is supposed to be the film that knocks all disaster movies out of the water by adding literally everything. While the music in the trailer sounds eery and the visuals looks exciting, I have been fooled before.

What do you think of Geostorm? Will it be good? Thanks for reading and follow for more!

Geostorm trailer below


Did The Lego Company Just Create A New Movie Genre?

Yeah, so obviously top-animation is a legit genre but The Lego Movie and Lego Batman have created a sense of difference. The Ninjago Movie is coming out soon and one can only think that this is the start of a new genre.

Like so many other films the Lego Movie could have been classified as a one hit comedy to put with the others. Films such as Hardcore Henry and The original Bourne tried to create a new feel of filmmaking with the first person and shaky cam. The first person movie won’t take effect for a while but the shaky cam did stick…not for the right reasons though. The Lego Movie has given us new hope for a great way to tell comedy. The animation is hilarious and the bricks are all something that everybody can connect to. With the success of both The Lego Movie and Lego Batman there seems to be an undeniable attraction to this new way of telling story through film.

The reason this genre will stick is because the Lego company has already made a new name in video games, merchandise and TV. A small piece of plastic has somehow made it’s way into every home possible. They have already taken control of everything but the big screen and here is their chance. With the undeniable success of the upcoming Ninjago Movie, be sure that the Lego genre will stick around for a much longer time.

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The Greatest Action Films According To Each Genre

Action films can’t be put just into one category. Take Star Wars for instance. Star Wars is action, adventure and sci-fi fantasy. Action can be put into literally any film and we are here to show off the top action films in each genre. Vote em’ up!

1. Action/ Adventure: Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy Shines as the new Max in this thrilling sequel to the original Mad Max trilogy. Action and beautiful set pieces take the gold for best adventure.

2. Action/ Comedy: Blues Brothers

Filled with non-stop humor and cop car crashes, Blues Brothers takes the cake for the most memorable action/ comedy ever released.

3. Action/ Crime: The Godfather

The original OG for crime sagas, The Godfather is not only the greatest crime film in the world, it is one of the highest rated films of all time in general.

4. Action/ Drama: Forrest Gump

A mentally unstable man finds his way though amazing moments throughout history while trying to find the love of Jenny. Gump is one for the ages.

5. Action/ Fantasy: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The movie that changed the world even to the day. Not only is this the greatest fantasy film of all time, it showed that sequels can always be better than the original.

6. Action/ Historical: Apocalypse Now

War has never felt more real with the amazing sets and acting, Apocalypse Now will forever be a stamp in war film history.

7. Action/ Horror: Alien

The scariest fun fueled movie to ever see the light of day belongs to Alien. Ridley shows that scares can be fun…no matter where your at.

8. Action/Suspense Mystery: Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver takes De Niro’s hard image and doubles it with the heart stopping Taxi driver. Beware of this ex marine.

9. Action/ Romance: True Romance

Love is dealt hard with this crime/ romance film about drugs and money. True Romance takes a romantic gesture and smashes the gold.

10. Action/ Satire: Fight Club

Fight Club is a film about a crazy mans rise to the top of a terrorist group that fights underground just for the hell of it. If that doesn’t sound fun than you can leave.

11. Action/ Western: The Searchers

The greatest Western is not complete if it doesn’t have the one and only John Wayne. Filled with great western gestures and anticipated fun.

12. Action/ Animation: The Incredibles

Pixar surprised every fan when they released the kid friendly, action packed animated adventure. Filled with colorful sets and humor, Incredibles soars.

13. Action/ Video Game Adaptions: Mortal Kombat

By default. Some good scenes but other than that good for you.

14. Action/ superhero: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is one of those films you will see on almost every top list. It is pure fun and shows us what the Joker and Batman feud would really be like. RIP Heath.


5 Purely Action Genre Changers:

  1. Die Hard
  2. John Wick
  3. Mission Impossible
  4. The Bourne Identity
  5. Dr. No
  6. The Matrix


What are your favorite action flicks? Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow and comment for more!






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